Writing With Style: Po(e)lka Dots

Writing With Style: Po(e)lka Dots
Here I am at Mood, the fabric shop often featured on Project Runway!

There are three universally acknowledged truths in the world: 

  1. You will get your best writing ideas when you don’t have anything to write them down with.
  2. Dolores Umbridge is the absolute worst character in the Harry Potter series.
  3. Polka dots are seriously adorable.

I love polka dots. Sometimes they’re painted as a print for little kids, but if you pair them with more serious colors, like a murky red-orange or brown, their cuteness and quirkiness is balanced with a retro twist. (For a more literary spin, opt for a cardigan! They’re the unofficial uniform of librarians and want-to-be-novelists, and the one I’m wearing in the picture has pockets big enough for pencils.) High neck collars also make the fun print look more mature.

My blouse and belt are from Kohls, my skirt is from Charlotte Rouse, and I honestly have no idea where those black leggings are from because I own 8 identical pairs and they are are all the same to me now.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

One of my favorite tricks is to wear “contrasting” polka dots. (Black dots on white shirt vs. white dots on black skirt, or vice versa.) To keep this from becoming overwhelming, I make sure the polka dots are the same size.


Though I consider polkadots rather literary on their own, there is an even  more bookish form of the standard Polka dot.


The marvelous, magical, super cali fragilistic expialidocious,



If you are reading this right now and don’t know much about fashion, take this away from reading my blog post: Just buy this pencil case.  I’ve received more compliments on this than any other item in my wardrobe, and it’s made me some writing friends. The scenario goes something like this:

I’m standing in public holding the Poe-lka dot case. Stranger locks eyes with it. 

STRANGER: Oh that’s a cool pencil case I really love Poe-

ME: when-you-meet-your-best-friends-new-boyfriend-and-they-dont-know-you-know-everything *whispers* guess what


ME:when-you-meet-your-best-friends-new-boyfriend-and-they-dont-know-you-know-everything It’s *poe-lka dotted*


We are bonded forever by love for literature and puns. 

I have also used the pencil case as an improv. purse of sorts. And the best part? It pairs well with actual Polka dots.


Shorts are from Kohls, the top I actually found in a consignment shop, but it was originally from Forever 21 (This Peter Pan collar + Polka dots = Excessive adorableness, but  sometimes you just gotta embrace it) , and the pencil case/clutch is from Out Of Print Books.

I love little literary twists on a normal outfit. The store that sells the Poe-lka-Dotted case, Out Of Print Books, has the same pattern on socks, a bag, and a scarf. These accessories can definitely give a bookish edge to any outfit regardless of your usual style. 

So in conclusion: Wear a lot of polka-dots.  Wear even more poe-lka dots. Wear them with cardigans and collars. Meet strangers and become writer friends. Find your soulmate and become a best-seller author through the power and honor of Poe’s spirit.*

*Okay, so “finding your soulmate”  and “becoming successful writer through a dead poet’s blessing” is not yet a proven result of carrying around a Poe-lka-dotted pencil case, but if any accessory could do it, it’s this one.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Thanks for reading the first post in my project Writing With Style. In this project, I’ll be blogging about different bookish elements of clothing, what makes them literary, how to wear them, and how to find them- cheaply. You can follow this project by following my blog, and checking under the tags “Writing With Style” and “Fashion.” You could also follow me on Instagram and Pinterest to get updates. 

Also, if you have an Instagram, share your literary outfits with the hashtag #writingwithstyle for the chance to be featured on this blog!

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  1. OH, THIS IS SO CUTE! I need polka dots now. 🙂 Wish I could get those ADORABLE black-rimmed, square, writerly, reporterish glasses but I was just told I have perfect vision… #Sad

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    (before I go on, I must explain how I ended up here – through a blogger through a blogger through a blogger through a blogger who is friends with my best friend)

    Also yes potterheads

    And…followed you on pinterest!

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