Writing With Style: Long Skirts

Writing With Style: Long Skirts

Okay, to start off with, you don’t have to be tall to pull long skirts off. Trust me. I’m 5″3. And here’s another disclaimer: When you look up ‘long tweed skirt’ on Google, you’ll get a lot of articles telling you how to wear one without looking like a librarian. However, my main strategy is to look like a librarian at all times, so if you’re not into that life, go to Google. If you are ready to embrace yourself as a book-hugging, glasses-wearing, finger-shushing, cardigan-obsessed writer/reader, continue on.

Here’s some literary inspiration!

I love long skirts. They’re elegant. They’re graceful. They hide your legs when you don’t feel like shaving. It doesn’t get better than that, folks.

Here’s me looking angelically into the distance. (My top is from the $5 rack at Charlotte Rouse and my skirt is from a consignment shop.)

The long skirt is versatile. Above, you see me by the ocean, thinking about my future and the definition of love. Below, you see me in a screen- shotted snapchat making a duck face.


But all jokes aside, I really do love long skirts. They have a classic vibe.

Here are my go-to tips on wearing them:

  1. Try to wear a shirt with short sleeves. It balances your body with the length of the skirt.
  2. A blouse with horizontal stripes looks awesome with a long skirt. (Think ‘Parisian chic.’)
  3. Tweed skirts are my favorite. Although they’re heavier, they don’t cling at all, and look particularly literary.
  4. High heels. They add the height that the skirt takes away. Beauty is pain, everyone.
  5. Collars- the symmetry of the high neck and long bottom really creates library chic.
  6. DO NOT WEAR LONG TWEED SKIRTS ON THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR. I have made this mistake and lived to warn you about its dangers. It doesn’t matter that your skirt would look super cute with that flowery blouse. No, you are not being a ‘rebel’ by wearing something for fall/winter/spring in the summer. Have you ever considered that maybe certain garments belong to certain seasons for a reason? (Note: I did not consider this.) There will be sweat. Lots of sweat. And panic. Please don’t do this.
  7. Finally, if the whole idea of a long skirt still scares you, try starting with the basics. A long, black, jersey skirt can be paired with many different outfits, and can often be found cheaply.
For example, this skirt, from Old  Navy, is only $7.99 right now!

In conclusion: Don’t be afraid to try a long skirt! They’re more flattering than you think and they offer an amazing literary edge to any outfit. Unless it is the hottest day of the year and you are thinking of wearing a tweed skirt. Then, be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Thanks for reading another post in my project Writing With Style. In this project, I’ll be blogging about different bookish elements of clothing, what makes them literary, how to wear them, and how to find them- cheaply. You can follow this project by following my blog, and checking under the tags “Writing With Style” and “Fashion.” You could also follow me on Instagram and Pinterest to get updates.

Also, if you have an Instagram, share your literary outfits with the hashtag #writingwithstyle for the chance to be featured on this blog!


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