Hello everyone! With the holidays being so close, I decided to do a DIY post on a gift you could make for a reader/writer friend. (Or for yourself, because hey, that’s what I did!) Now, you ask, will these crafts be easy, quick, cute, useful, and literary-themed? The answer is:


Let’s get started!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cute Paper (I used a scrapbooking pad similar to this one, but you could use a different kind)
  • Pint Sized / Wide Mouth Mason Jars
  • A Glue stick
  • Creativity! The paper will stick to the mason jars with help from a little glue, so you can decorate them anyway you like. I also used some stickers and such, so take some liberties!


#1. Piggy Bank Jar

This is a cute and simple way to store loose change. I like it with the ‘create something beautiful’ plate because it reminds me to use the money inside for something good, like donating to a worthy organization (or buying more books.)

#2. Pen Jar

Because all writers collect pens. I even threw some mechanical pencils in there. Use a bigger sized Mason Jar, so you can fit more!

#3. Labelled Pen Jar


Okay, so I didn’t actually use a mason jar for this one. I used a larger tin can often found in a gardening section of a craft store. This is a cool take on the pen jar, because its wider, and therefore easier to grab pens out. I used chalkboard tape and a chalkboard marker to make the label.  

#4. Painted Pencil Jar


Isn’t this jar so beautiful? I’ll be honest, I bought this one. But if you want to make your own, you can find the tutorial here.

#5. Organized Pen Jar

My grandmother gave me one of these wicked dividers to help hold pens. For those who love organization, this is the perfect diy. You can make one of these lids by following these directions!

#6. ‘To Read’ Jar

This is yet another attempt to finally gain some control over my monstrous TBR pile! I wrote down the names of all the books I want to read (and own/have access to) on little slips and threw them in this jar. I make an effort to pick out a slip and read the accompanying novel once a week, and I can say it’s actually helped me with my reading goals.


#7. Motivation Jar

I think too often we (us writers in particular) fall prey to our own self-doubt. I decided to make a ‘motivation’ jar to keep nice things that people have said about my writing, about me, or inspiring quotes in general, so I can pull one out when I need to be reminded why I do what I do.


#8. Writing Prompt Jar

Finally, give a writer the best gift possible: A trick to defeat writer’s block! Make this jar and fill it up with prompts, (I post some on my instagram, and you can find a cool selection here) and you’ve created inspiration in a bottle!

Thanks for checking out my DIYS! Feel free to share them by reblogging or posting these pictures on Pinterest. Which one is your favorite? And does anyone else have any cute literary DIY gifts for this Christmas season?


  1. I loved the idea of the To read jar. If you don’t which book from TBR to read first, this a be eat solution.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful DIYs. I’ll certainly try my hand at them, though I’m not very crafty.

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  2. I love mason jar crafts! For Christmas last year I made my stepdad a meme jar (a jar filled with printed out memes) and my friends snack jars ( filled with little chocolates and snacks).

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  3. These are such a great idea! I’m going to make two sets – one for me and one for my homeschool room 🙂 Loved the writing prompt one in particular… today we are making christmas stars, baubles and trees out of old books and magazines which I suppose counts as a literary craft, found the patterns on pinterest and will add yours to my board, thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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  4. As a really nice (but admittedly, pretty sappy) gift for a loved one I wrote down 52 reasons I love you, (one for every day of the week!) and don’t worry if you can’t think of 52 straight away- its harder than it looks! Also really cool ideas!

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