Writing With Style: Literary Jewelry

Writing With Style: Literary Jewelry

Because I want to literally cover myself in books at all times, I’ve amassed a collection of literary jewelry. Bookish rings, necklaces, pins, and bracelets are a perfect subtle (or not so subtle, depending on exactly how large your trinkets are) way to show your love for writing and reading. So, welcome to my jewelry box!


Bracelets (3).png

Punctuation Ring


I spend a lot of my time looking down at my hands while writing (I’ve looked at my fingers twenty times writing this blog post alone) so this ring is in the perfect position to inspire me. It has an assortment of punctuation marks on it, and reminds me every time I glance down that I’m a writer. It’s from Etsy.


Expecto Patronum Ring

Not only is this ring harry potter inspired, it has my second favorite spell on it. (My #1 fave is Accio, because let’s be honest, the ability to make things come zooming towards you when you’ve lost them or are just lazy is invaluable.) You can buy one here, but if you do, you have to tell me what your patronus is. (Mine’s a bat!)

Bracelets (2).png

Time Turner Necklace


For when the days seem too short! There have been many times I wished this Harry Potter inspired necklace actually worked. I got mine at the Universal theme park, but you can find similar ones online.

Typewriter Key Necklace

This necklace is actually a key from a vintage typewriter! I have ‘V’ for Vivian, but you could get any letter/number/symbol on Etsy. (Or you could get ‘V’ too. What can I say, it’s a pretty letter! 😉 )

Owl & Letter Necklace


I may not have gotten my Hogwarts letter (*cries forever*) but I do have this owl with a letter charm! I love how serious this owl looks- he looks like he’s carrying a howler! Here are some similar necklaces.

Marauders Map Locket

Not only does this necklace feature a little Marauder’s map, it actually opens up, so you can put things inside. (I haven’t put anything in yet because I am indecisive when it comes to jewelry decisions. I can kill off a character or change the plot of my WIP without second guessing myself, but putting something into a locket? Now we’re getting out of hand.) You can buy this here!

Pen Necklace


Now there’s no excuse for not writing wherever you go! Get your own on Etsy. 

Diy Necklace


This locket was actually empty when I got it. I put in some scrapbook paper and a short excerpt from an Emily Dickinson poem (because I love her so much she’d be my top choice for someone to bring back from the dead.) You can make your own with an empty glass necklace and some creativity.

Journal Necklace

This is the best thing for writer’s other than ideas: A place to put those ideas down! This necklace, which a friend got me in a Chicago bookstore named Women and Children First, has a key and journal on it. (My journal is empty, because again, I have difficulty with jewelry-related decisions.)

Divergent Necklace

This Divergent necklace has all the factions on it, and is rather reminiscent of Four’s tattoo! This was a gift from a friend in preparation for the movie release.

Typewriter Charm

ISN’T THIS TINY LITTLE TYPEWRITER SO CUTE. You can buy this wonderful creation here. However, be warned: You may spend several hours popping the lid open and closed, saying “awwwww” in an obnoxious voice reserved usually for puppies and non-smelly babies.

Bracelets (1).png

Hunger Games Pin

Ah, didn’t all seventh graders acquire this pin from some Hunger Game themed birthday party or other? Just in case you didn’t go to any 7th grade birthday parties, you can find this rebellious pin here!

Little Women Pin


“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship,” is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books. Now, I can pin Louisa May Alcott’s wisdom and comfort close to my heart. Here’s some more Little Women inspired Jewelry (I got the pin at her house in Massachusetts.)

Sylvia Plath Pin


I got this cute Sylvia Plath campaign pin from Hello Hello Books, a bookstore in Maine. (If you’re in the area, you should visit, it’s awesome.)


Book Charm Bracelet

This is probably my favorite piece of jewelry. It’s a collection of my favorite books (Of Mice and Men, Harry Potter, Pride & Prejudice, the Emily Dickinson collection, and Little Women.) I get to carry the comfort and beauty of these books with me everywhere I go. You can make a custom bracelet here.

Emily Dickinson Bracelet

Isn’t this Emily Dickinson bracelet darling? I got it for Christmas, and it was “Emily D” in scrabble letters on one side. On the other side, each tile has a Dickinson quote!

Emily Dickinson Watch

img_2088If I didn’t make it clear that I’m obsessed with Emily Dickinson, here’s your last piece of evidence! I have no idea where I got this watch. I don’t remember ever not owning this watch. I can’t imagine not having Emily’s face blankly staring at me with all of her wisdom and passive-aggression whenever I checked the time. This watch and I were just supposed to be together, I guess.

Thanks you reading about my jewelry- and also, THANK YOU for 500 followers! You all are so supportive and amazing ❤

12 responses to “Writing With Style: Literary Jewelry”

  1. Oh wow! You like Harry Potter? Cool! I especially like the Time-Turner necklace and owl necklace, those were really cool! And thanks for putting in the links to where you bought them. I just really liked this post, it was creative. Also, I have a small question that you don’t need to answer; I think you may have followed me at one point, but then stopped. May I ask why? I’m just asking for constructive criticism, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Your blog is super cool, and wonderfully written, but I’m afraid I just wasn’t interested in Webtoons, which you wrote about a lot! I think you have an awesome focus and should continue doing what you do- I just wasn’t your main audience. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for your kind response! And yeah, I’ve been trying to post about more things (my lists take a lot if time), but I have a lot of writer’s block. So yeah, I’m going to be working on other things in the future. But thank you for replying, and for telling me what you think! 😊


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