My Favorite Words (+ Read My Poem!)

My Favorite Words (+ Read My Poem!)

Being an avid writer and reader, I have a deep friendship with words. However, I must admit it: I play favorites!

Here are my ten favorite words, based on either their pronunciation, spelling, or meaning. (Also, click the link at the bottom of this post to read a poem I wrote!)

My Favorite Words.png


1. Subtle

Because the ‘b’ in the subtle is subtle! I love it when word’s spellings and pronunciations match their meanings. The word ‘subtle’ is so gentle. The soft vowels, with no hard letters expect for the tap of the ‘t’- it’s all just so, well, subtle.


2. Feminist

We should all be feminists. I love how decided this word is. It has no wishy-washy vowels or half-hearted consonants in it. It’s armed with strong letters and it’s ready for business.



3. Nonchalant

Nonchalant makes me think of a well-dressed French woman casually leaning against James Bond’s car in the middle of a hip California town that has Tumblr accounts named after it. I’m not cool enough to use the word nonchalant. Nobody’s cool enough to use the word nonchalant. Even those who are nonchalant don’t use it- that would ruin their nonchalantness, because to be nonchalant is to be effortlessly cool and seemingly unaware of your own impact. (But everybody’s impacted by you- you’re a French woman leaning on James Bond’s car in California!)



4. Awe

This is the word that ‘awesome’ tried to recreate. It didn’t work. Nothing works better than the word ‘awe.’ It makes your mouth drop right open because of the long ‘w,’ and since the ‘e’ isn’t pronounced, the word leaves you gaping, just as someone in total awe should be. The word awesome forces you to close your mouth with its ‘m.’



5. Squish

This is another word that sounds just like it means- the very word squish squishes itself!



6. Novel

I feel like writers were giving themselves a pat on the back when they created this word.

Novel: noun – a fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action with some degree of realism.

Noveladjective – of a new kind; different from anything seen or known before:

Isn’t that lovely? The same word that means book, something we read and create, also means a new idea, something marvelous.



7. Syntax

I find it so fitting that this word, which is used to describe the order of words in phrases and language, is so beautiful. I love it when words have more than one ‘rare’ letter in then, like syntax has an ‘x’ and a ‘y.’



8. Vase

I love pronouncing this word with an “Ah’ instead of an “A.” It makes me feel fancy. And to be saying the word vase in the first place makes me feel like I’ve got my life together. Let’s just examine this statement:”Oh, thank you for the flowers. I’ll go grab a vase!” It means 3 things: Someone has gotten me flowers for something I supposedly managed to accomplish, I remembered that flowers need water, and I own a vase to put those flowers in! I’m livin’ la vida loca.


9. Writing

Because I love everything this word stands for.



10. Plunge

Another word that sounds like it means! I love the ‘plunging’ sound of that ‘u’ descending into a ‘g.’ And, I love the meaning of the word ‘plunge.’ How beautiful it is, to take a chance.

What are your favorite words? Does anyone actually like the word moist? (Ew.)

Read My Poem!

Before you go, please read a poem that I published on the Huffington Post Contributor Site about how we value life. Feel free to share it with someone who’s flabbergasted by recent events…

Thanks for reading about my favorite words! Until next time, you can find me on Pinterest or Instagram.

8 responses to “My Favorite Words (+ Read My Poem!)”

  1. I absolutely love this post!

    I love love love LOVE the word ‘squish’!!! That word is like my favorite word in the entire world, because it’s just so…SQUISH.

    Also, the GIF with Kermit the frog is absolutely hilarious. Just thought I should mention that. It’s totally what every writer looks like. I love how he’s not even tapping the keys. He’s basically just hitting the spacebar, and I love him for that.

    And I never thought about the two different meanings of novel!!!! That is epic!! I knew there was a reason I loved being a writer, bahahahahaha!

    Oh! And I read your poem, and I think it is very beautiful, and uniquely written. I love it!

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