My Favorite Part Of Blogging (Mass Collab)

My Favorite Part Of Blogging (Mass Collab)


I am so excited to be apart of a mass collab organized by Shania (a totally awesome blogger you should go read!) Thank you so much Shania, for bringing us all together.

Here are the other amazing bloggers in the collab:

Train Of Thought






Closet Readers

The Stylish Dreamer


My Crazy Obsession with books


Lucia R



Midnight Ranter 

We were given the (more difficult than one would think) task of determining our favorite part of blogging. But I have a stubborn tie:

Writing Posts & The Community

My first favorite part of blogging is the way it keeps me writing. On days that I don’t feel ready to tackle a new chapter of my novel, or the idea of a new poem seems daunting, I know what I can do- write a blog post! I think the key to living literarily is having ‘little writes,’ so even on days you’re not ready to complete a whole project, you can still complete a written work. Here’s a list of other quick writes I like to do:

  • Write a letter
  • Jot down a haiku
  • Make a list
  • Finish a journal entry
  • Write a book blurb for books I haven’t yet written
  • Write a positive note and leave it for a stranger to find
  • 6 word stories
  • Water-bottle wrapper poems (It’s surprisingly addictive to write poems on bottle wrappers)

Secondly, the blogging community is so wonderful. When I first started, I was sort of worried that no one would read what I wrote. I think it’s a common fear in the writing community. But on WordPress, everyone was so kind and welcoming. Within minutes of launching my site, with no posts and no design, people started following and leaving comments. People went out of their way not only to be nice, by following me and liking my posts, but by being incredibly supportive, leaving inspiring messages and comments. After six months of blogging, I’m almost at 600 followers, so consider this a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped me out from the very beginning and joined me along the way.

Thanks for reading about my favorite part of blogging! This brings this collab to a close. What’s your favorite part of blogging? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

15 responses to “My Favorite Part Of Blogging (Mass Collab)”

  1. I never thought of writing poems on water bottle wrappers… That is actually a really cool idea!!!

    And oh my word, that is a wonderful favorite part of blogging, and SO TRUE. Although, sometimes for me, blogging gets in the way of actually writing the things I SHOULD be writing, but eh. At least I’m writing, right?

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  2. Eeep, this is such an awesome post! And YAY for a supportive and lovely community that cares about art and helping artists grow. ❤ One of my most favourite parts about blogging is just the creativity to express myself. I'm not really good at speaking my opinions IRL, so writing them out is really my favourite thing. ALSO MAKING COOL FRIENDS. I've met the best people through blogging.💕

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