Writing With Style: Bookish Sweaters

Writing With Style: Bookish Sweaters

Once, I was at a book sale and spotted a book about knitting for chickens. Well, I’d thought, there must be someone out there who likes both chickens and knitting.

This Christmas, I was that reader. No, I haven’t taken up knitting for chickens, though I may be learning how to knit, but I received a book that was practically written for me: Legendary Authors and the Clothes They Wore. 


If you look up to the header of this blog, you might notice that it’s called “Writing With Style,” because those are my two hobbies. Writing and style. For years, I’ve been combining them, and now there’s a book to help me do it. Yay!

The book definitely did not disappoint. It included a lot of obvious literary fashionistas (looking at you, Zelda and Scott!) but it also included some writers that I’d never knew were so stylish. It’s worth a buy.


However, while I liked to get dressed up to write, many of my writing friends told me that they do all their writing in sweatshirts. My bookworm friends tell me that they do most of their reading in sweaters. Since another one of my favorite gifts this Christmas was a giant, fluffy, yellow sweater, I put together a list of bookish sweats so you don’t have to break a sweat with words.

The links to all the shops are in the titles, and none of these shops paid me to advertise, they were just my personal favorites that I found.


1. Books, Books, Books


Why beat around the bush (or, as it might be, book?) Books are what it’s all about whether you’re a reader or writer, and this book says it clearly x3.

2. Jane Eyre


“I am no bird & no net ensnares me.” This sweatshirt, which has a quote from Jane Eyre, a book that I adore, is the perfect blend of girl power and literary style.

3. Out of Print


I actually own this sweater! It has a fuzzy inside, which makes it perfect to wear on a snowy day while drinking hot chocolate (and reading Pride and Prejudice, of course.)

4. Bookish Cardigan


Everyone knows cardigans are for librarians, and there’s nothing more librarian than this! This Etsy shop is on the pricier side, but all of the items are homemade. Check out her shop for other warm bookish items, like hats and sweaters.

5. Hermione’s Book Club


This is particularly fitting because Emma Watson, who played Hermione, actually runs her own feminist bookclub called Our Shared Shelf. Embrace the spirit with this sweatshirt!

6. Booksmarks are for quitters


I actually own like 643 bookmarks (if it fits into a book, anything can be a bookmark) but I appreciate the sentiment of this sweatshirt.

7. Latte and Lewis


This seller also sells a shirt with a “Tea and Tolkien” theme. For people who love both caffeine and literature, as many writers do, this is the sweatshirt you should wear while rereading all your favorite fantasy books.

8. Born To Be Wild


Oscar Wilde is a fashion ICON so this sweatshirt is perfect in multiple ways. Also, those flowers are beautiful. What a great writing inspiration.

9. *You’re


For the writing snob. (We all have a writing snob that lives inside our brains.) Wear this sweatshirt if you can’t decide between the passive aggressive life and the literary life. Why should you have to choose?

10. Ron Weasley Sweater (with a twist!)


The Weasley sweaters that Molly Weasley makes for her entire family each Christmas are possibly the most iconic literary sweater of all time. But it can be pricey to get your own, and often, stores only sell them with the “r” initial. (For all you Ryans and Rhondas out there, go live your best life and buy this sweater.) But for the rest of you, especially anyone else out there’s who’s had to suffer with never finding a “v” initial for anything, I have a twist.

If you don’t have one, buy a maroon sweater from whatever store will sell one cheapest to you. (H&M and Kohl’s were selling them for around $15.) Then, send it to the Etsy store above, which will knit an initial in for you for just $25. You’ll have your own Weasley sweater for half the price.bracelets-4

Thanks so much for reading. What do you wear when you write? Do you like sweaters or sweatshirts better? Let me know in the comments! Until next time, you can find me on Pinterest or Instagram.


11 responses to “Writing With Style: Bookish Sweaters”

  1. Oh these are SO pretty. I wish I had jumpers like this. I love the idea for this post! Just all these sweaters together make me feel warm and fuzzy! I normally write in my pyjamas or just ANYWHERE. There’s nothing I particularly write in. However, it was COLD in NaNo so I was wearing a furry snowflake jumper. Wonderful post, I enjoyed it so much!

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  2. Now I feel like I need to do a blog post about writing and clothing! While I do usually write in slippers, jeans, and a hoodie, I have found that some days, if I get dressed up to write, it helps my brain get jump-started into feeling productive, so I actually write better. Hmm. Now you’ve got me thinking.

    I also love all these sweaters, and I need them in my life.

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  3. I live in sweaters so this is quality information you’re providing here. “Books marks are for quitters” speaks to my aggressively reader soul. I JUST LOVE SWEATER WEATHER TOO MUCH OK?! Why can’t we just wear sweaters in summer too???

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