How To Use Pinterest As A Writer (+ Board Ideas!)

How To Use Pinterest As A Writer (+ Board Ideas!)

You may know Pinterest for its mason jar DIYs and wedding planning boards, but it can also be a great writing tool. But Vivian, you may protest, I mostly use Pinterest for outdated cat memes and looking at printables for teachers even though I am not a teacher and do not own a printer! It’s a distraction! I hear you loud and clear. I too am prone to scrolling through my feed when I should be writing.

Pinterest is particularly addictive, because unlike a social media app like Instagram, which makes everyone else’s we’re-tan-and-getting-brunch lifestyle look unachievable, Pinterest convinces you that you too can be pretty and organized…as long as you make a chalkboard family planning center and weave your own infinity scarf.

I am not here to tell you to use Pinterest instead of writing. I am also not here to tell you to weave your own scarf – that is, let’s try to use Pinterest to set and work towards goals that are actually helpful and achievable. (Unless you are a weaver who loves scarves, in which I apologize. You’re awesome. Also, can I have a scarf?)

Pinterest can definitely be distracting. But if used correctly, and in moderation, it can help inspire you, keep you organized, and even promote your writing. Here are six ways you can use Pinterest as a writer.

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1. Writing Tips

There are so many links to blog posts, infographics, and images on Pinterest that can help you become a better writer.  You can find helpful information on everything from revision strategies to baby names. Create boards filled with general tips, or create a research board for info that’s more specific to your work.

Board ideas:

  • Nanowrimo Ideas
  • Writing Tips
  • Writing Quotes
  • Research

2. Character/Setting Inspiration

My favorite thing about Pinterest is that it is so visual. As writers, our job is to make pictures out of words, but it’s helpful to have a picture to start with. There are many beautiful, unique, and ~aesthetic~ photos on Pinterest to help you imagine what a setting or character might look like…as well as pictures that might spark stories of their own!

Board ideas:

  • Character Inspiration
  • Setting Inspiration
  • Prompt Ideas

3. Community

Until a lot of other “social medias,” Pinterest doesn’t seem all that social. On the surface, it seems to be your own personal bulletin board, a place to store ideas. But there’s actually a great deal of community in Pinterest – check out “group boards,” where a bunch of pinners collaborate to pin ideas onto one board. There are boards for writers, readers, fashion-lovers, teachers, and more. Not only can you see other people’s ideas, but you can also share links to your own blog posts and writing, which is a great way to promote your work.

Board Ideas:

4. Literary Lifestyle

Whether you’re a librarian, teacher, or just plain word-lover, there are so many amazing bookish crafts and ideas on Pinterest. After seeing so much beautiful letter art, I was actually inspired to start writing letters again. 

Board ideas:

  • Literary crafts
  • Journaling
  • Letter writing
  • Books to read
  • Harry Potter themed boards
  • Library photos

5. Storyboarding

befunkycollage (1).jpg

If you’re working on a novel, Pinterest can you organize your ideas! I love creating boards for my books because I feel like it helps me figure out what mood and visuals I want to aim for while writing. Plus, it’s fun, and isn’t writing a book supposed to be fun?

Board ideas:

  • Storyboarding your own novel, poetry collection, or play
  • Storyboarding one of your favorite works of literature

6. Staying Creative

As writers, it’s important to keep our creative juices flowing. Try starting boards focused on other hobbies or creative pursuits., or even something that will just make you smile when you see it in your feed.

Board ideas:

  • Style/fashion
  • Knitting, Crocheting, Weaving
  • Art/Drawing
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Crafting/DIYs

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Thanks so much for reading!  Do you have a Pinterest account? Any boards that you’d love for me to make? Let me know in the comments! Until next time, you can find me on Pinterest  (Hopefully I’ll see you there!) or Instagram.vivian parkin derosa.png

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  1. I love Pinterest and yes, sometimes can’t find my way out of it. Lol but I do use it for writing, especially when I’m building characters and how they dress or look, what kind of car they would drive or what kind of house they would live in. It really is all inspiration and it helps trigger other ideas.

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