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I published an article on the Huffington Post about my opinion of how teenagers are portrayed in the Young Adult genre, and how I thought they could improve. It received 40,000 views.

After that, many adults sent me their books, asking if they’d written their teenage characters accurately. Now, I’m dedicated to helping authors nail writing younger characters, among other editing services through New Perspective Edits. 

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Although there are many freelance editors, New Perspective Edits offers services unlike anyone else. Often, authors give their books to a younger audience to beta read and a professional who knows the book industry. Why not kill two birds with one stone? I am both the target market and an insider on the industry.

Combining my skills as an editor and writer, I’d love to help you share your story.

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my services:

young adult authenticity check

(.003 cents per word)

Will your YA novel reach your target audience? Find out by reaching out to me. I will give you feedback on what details you’ve nailed about teenagers, and what could use some work. Includes critiques of characters, themes, plot, slang, and more.

After reading your manuscript, I will type a comprehensive reader report that includes critiques of characters, plot, appeal, and suggestions for the future.


manuscript reader report

(.003 cents per word)

A comprehensive reader report including critiques of characters, plotlines, appeal, and word choice, suggestions for future edits, and chapter-by-chapter advice.


first chapter reader report


The first chapter is the first thing your reader (and a literary agent) will read. Make sure it’s working. A first chapter report will include critiques of the novel’s opening line, my first impressions of the characters, what interests me, what doesn’t, and whether I’d want to keep reading.

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why hire me?

Get to know me, and my extensive and unique writing background.

  • As a writer, editor, and teenager, there is no one more qualified to determine if young adult fiction is authentic.
  • My writing has been published in the Asbury Park Press, Huffington Post, Blue Marble Review, Poets Reading the News, Body Without Organs journal, Don’t Talk to Me About Love magazine, and more.
  • I’ve taught writing to children and teenagers for over three years at the nonprofit Project Write Now.
  • I’ve written two novels, and my first book was honored with a national gold medal from the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards.
  • My editing experience includes serving as co-head editor for my school’s literary magazine, content editor for my school’s fashion magazine, the editing workshop from Polyphony magazine, and beta-reading/editing several of my peer’s novels.
  • I’ve always beta read novels for professional authors through Project Write Now.
  • I intern at Wunderkind PR, a public relations firm for authors. There, I learn the ins and outs of the book industry, helping to evaluate and promote novels straight from big publishing houses.
  • I’ve studied web design, e-publishing, social media marketing, visual communications, and journalism.

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what genres do I edit?

I specialize in all variations of young adult fiction and adult contemporary fiction. However, I’m open to all genres except erotica and picture books. Send me an email to see if your project is something we can work on together.

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contact me

If you think that your project and I would be a good match, send me an email at Please include:

  • What service you’d like
  • The approx. word count of your novel
  • Your novel’s genre

I’ll be in contact with you about price, the amount of time you can expect me edits to take, and more! You can also email me with any questions you may have. I hope to me in contact with you soon, and I can’t wait to help you tell your story.